Founder Story

 I have been a Hollywood Stuntman for over 30 years.

Hi, I’m Carl Paoli. As a professional athlete, my goals are to look as young and fit as the leading actors I stunt double and to keep my injuries under control.  I used to use ice for my injuries as well as for tired under eye puffiness. 


Now I’ve combine ice with some of the most effective natural blends in this all in one compact face and muscle cold plunge. 

This ice ball contains hyaluronic acid to seal moisture in. Collagen for skin elasticity and youthfulness. Aloe Vera helps with soothing and Arnica for inflammation, swelling, bruises, sprains, muscle aches and joint pain. 

All of that in one ice ball. Seriously I wish I had Ice Face, Buddy on and off the set. 

This is not just for stunt performers, this is not just for any athlete. This is for everyone in the world that wants to look good and feel good.

Oh and by the way, I’m 58 years old.